Why Is Digital Marketing So Important In 2022?

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important In 2022?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the concept of different ways businesses are able to pull in customers from the internet. It includes and is not limited to SEO and Social Media Management. As technology has evolved and everything has practically moved to the online sphere, more consumers are coming off from the internet, regardless of the service and industry. Marketing on the internet is seemly the future of where things are going and has tended to show more effectiveness in businesses. 

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

When people think of Digital Marketing, often times SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what comes to mind. Search Engine Optimization is as the name claims. It is the method of designing, updating, and analyzing a website to improve the way a page ranks with the SERPs (otherwise known as the Search Engine Results Page). This is often considered one of the most confusing areas of Digital Marketing. This is due to  (Google/The Search Engine) often changing the way the it is running by making updates to bring the best results to the viewers. This leads SEO experts to always be keeping up and experimenting with what works. This is important in 2022, as many of the old school tricks which would work to optimize a webpage no longer work. Knowing what to do in order to rank your website higher in the search rankings could lead to generating more traffic and this bringing in more sales.

Why is Social Media So Critical?

Social Media has been having an uptrend within the last decade. Each social platform is shown with a different target audience, generally having different techniques and approaches to attracting customers and reaching new target audiences. This could be the difference between reaching goals in one month compared to the next. To explain in short terms, Social Media’s such as Instagram and Tiktok are targeted towards those of a younger audience. Facebook would be targeted towards those who are pretty established individuals in there life. Last but not least, LinkedIn would target those individuals who are in the workspace and professionals or B2B businesses. At the end of the day, there is a different approach to all Social Medias and they could help your business reach new goals.
Many people today, often are just scrolling through social media when they come across a product or service which they never thought they needed. For example, your scrolling through your Instagram when you come across a story about a food preparation service that’s offering a discount for new signups. Most of the time, the consumer is intrigued to click on the Instagram page or website to find out more. This is the advantage of digital marketing as you were not directly looking for meal prep services and now you’re potential customer. This concept and ideology is a key fundamental of Social Media marketing. 
At the end of the day, traditional marketing is not as affective as it once was. This is where the play of Digital Marketing comes in. Some businesses may not have enough time to be able to market themselves online but being able to do the bare minimum to work on SEO and social media sites which could be the difference that your business needs. Gain Your Business more traction today and see proven results! 
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